River club River Belgrade

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Brodarska bb 

Working hours:

23:30 - 05:00 h 


Narodna / Pop 


500 people


River club program

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River club River Belgrade – Night clubs on the river

River club River Belgrade – River club “River” is a summer stage of Cinema Club and is certainly one of the most popular river clubs in Belgrade.

River is in the most popular Belgrade site for summer fun – Sava kej in Brodarska Street, between the Old railway Bridge and the bridge Gazela. “River” hosted some of the most famous pop/ folk names of the local music scene like: Mira Skoric, Seka Aleksic, Dara Bubamara, Zeljko Vasic, Sako Polumenta, and many others.

River club works five days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – when guests can experience world class level of entertainment. The program is diverse, ranging from folk/pop, to the sounds of R & B, and the diversity is what ranks it among the very top of Belgrade nightlife.

Interior of River club is designed so that all the seats interrelated, which gives special feeling and a dose of originality. The ambiance is completely subordinated to your maximum enjoyment, and it guarantees spectacular evening out. Club River is designed so there are no lousy seats and you won’t be missing anything round you.

River club River – Whether you are seating at bar table, high seat or in the booth, you will always feel like you are in the center of events, which makes your time there unforgettable. Lights and sound systems are of top quality.

Here, on River club you can consume all types drinks, from cocktails to the most exclusive champagnes; the professional and kind staff, along with all the above, is just an additional plus that will help the unforgettable time out.

Given the how popular this place is, booking your place should be day or two in advance – especially on Wednesdays and Fridays. The advantage of this is that River is nearby a large free parking, which is available to all visitors of this extraordinary club. Don’t wait a second longer, but make the reservation for unique night out you will remember.

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