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Hotel Bristol Belgrade – Belgrade stories News / Rockefeller’s suite – Members of the most influent family in the world were guests of the Hotel “Bristol” during the 20’s and 70’s of the last century. During those stays they were accommodated in a suite, specially furnished in the style of Louis XIV of France, by the order of Marshal Josip Broz Tito. Hotel Bristol is one of the oldest hotel establishments in Belgrade and this year it proudly celebrates 103 years of existence. Hotel was built in the area, what was then a trade center, next to the Small market, as an example of architectonic transformation of Belgrade – from residual oriental town into modern Capital city with monumental buildings. Projected by the architect Nikola Nestorovic, in its first years it had residential role, asides from lodging role, while the ground floor was intended for commercial premises. Back at that time, Savamala was a prestigious quarter, and hotel “Bristol” was center of mundane life and famous destination in the Kingdom of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Many famous people signed the guest book, and the hotel history is linked to many historic events. E.g. right in this building the minister Cincar Markovic received the news of the capitulation of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Curious fact – many famous people stayed in “Bristol”, like John Rockefeller Jr. during the 20’s, who liked it so much that he recommended it to his son David, who stayed here in 1979 during the World summit of bankers.

Apartments and accommodation Belgrade / Hotel Bristol Belgrade – Rockefeller’s suite – ROCKEFELLER and his entourage used the “Golden suite” and its 70 m2. These chambers are among the most luxurious in the hotel and are furnished in the style of Louis XIV. The furniture once belonged to a great hedonist, Marshal of Yugoslavia – Josip Broz Tito.

Today, like in the years before, the hotel visit people from the world of culture, journalists, writers, bohemians.

Hotel Bristol Belgrade – Hotel interior mainly remained the same like it was in the time when it hosted pre-war balls, intellectual elite and Belgrade ladies with “their eyes wide open” looking for a new gossip.

Rooms today are much different from those described before, but hotel service remained the same. Apartments in Belgrade are a special branch of touristic sector, combination of hotel standards, intimacy and freedom that hotels cannot provide. This is just one of the beautiful Belgrade stories by reporters of News.

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