Freestyler night club Belgrade

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Working hours:

23:30 - 05:00  




700 people


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Freestyler night club Belgrade

Freestyler night club Belgrade – Freestyler night club has become a synonym for best summer parties, with of all kinds of music and it is perfect for all of you looking for fun to join – as long as you place your reservation on time.

Freestyler is organized in “circles” a.k.a rings, wherein the outer ring are booths for larger groups that want to be a bit secluded. Bit closer to the center are high seating and bar tables, while in the center of the club is a large bar where you can enjoy the classic lounge experience if that is what works best for you.

Freestyler welcomes all generations, and it is very popular with foreigners – so conversations in English are a quite common things in Freestyler.

Considered as one of the most popular river clubs in Belgrade, opens half an hour before midnight, but because of the large crowds at the entrance we advise you to come right after the opening, because the popular Freestyler gets full very quickly and you can stay without your reservation if you’re a bit late.

Freestyler night club Belgrade – Freestyler works for more than a decade on the Sava Kej in Brodarska Street. This night club very soon after the opening became of leading places for night life in Belgrade.

The unique quality music program and entertainment from ten years ago is still present at Freestyler.

The large bar in the middle of the river club is the center of all happening; bartenders’ creativity, skill and techniques of making and drinking cocktails, lead the atmosphere at Freestyler to the boiling point.

Freestyler night club Belgrade is on Belgrade’s most popular location for summer fun on the Sava Kej in Brodarska Street, between the Old Railway Bridge and the Gazela bridge, less than 500m from the city center.

River clubs – for 12 years now, are trademark and one of the major touristic potentials that make Belgrade center of fun and entertainment in the Balkans… Visit some of the Belgrade clubs and see for yourself why this is true!

Right here on this page, you can find information about the most famous and biggest clubs in Belgrade, where good time is guaranteed. If you are still not sure where you want to go out and enjoy the night, before you is a list of ideas and presentations that will make it easy for you to choose.

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