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Paying in Belgrade – Apartments in Belgrade

Paying in Belgrade – Basic payment instrument in Serbia is the Serbian dinar (international mark RSD) All cash payments are in dinars (some places may accept euro, but it is extremely rare).

If you have money in any foreign currency – you can find exchange offices in practically every corner, so you can obtain dinars quite easily. There is no need to rush with converting larger amounts of money immediately upon your arrival, at the airport, bus or railway station.

Exchange rates are always better in exchange offices in the city center and it is pretty much the same everywhere.

Take notice: in most cases exchange offices work up to 20h or 21h. The euro is not legal payment method, yet there may be some places accepting this currency as a payment method (smaller stores or coffee shops) bu the exchange rate is not as preferable as in the official exchanges. Some other currencies in Serbia are impossible to use.

Paying in Belgrade – In almost every store is possible to pay with credit card, especially in larger markets. If you have a card and you need cash, ATMs can also be found in almost every corner. If you have your bank branch in Belgrade – it is always the best option to withdraw money from its ATM. Please find all apartments and vacation rentals by following this LINK.

PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE MONEY ON THE STREET!! In Belgrade you have more than enough exchange offices. Bear in mind that exchange rates can vary.

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