River club Lasta Belgrade

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Brodarska bb 

Working hours:

23:30 - 05:00 h 


Narodna / Pop 


500 people


River club program

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River club Lasta Belgrade – Night clubs on the river  

River club Lasta Belgrade  – If you are in for some partying 4 days a week, then River club Lasta is the place for you! Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for house music, Sunday is matinee, and Thursday is crazy mash-up.

Together with the clubs “Brankow”, “Mladost”, “Ludost” river club Lasta completes Belgrade nightlife. What makes this club different is the music and the DJs. Lovers of electronic music come here to enjoy the music and dance. River club Lasta keeps mainly DJ program, dedicated to those who really know quality music and fully enjoy it.

River club Lasta Belgrade – It is a sophisticated urban sanctuary for all who recognize and love to have party with superior electronic sound – with emphasis on deep house and disco tunes, which can’t be easily found in other places in city.

A number of local and foreign DJs entertained guests of Lasta. In addition to our beautiful Belgrade girls, in this place you can meet many celebrities, like Nikolina Pisek, Prljavi inspector Blaza, Milan Stankovic, many athletes, models and other musicians.

River club Lasta Belgrade – It is at Belgrade Fair. And with wild and positive music, you can go dancing until 6 am. Be sure to book your place on River club Lasta because, even though it receives up to 500 people; note that it is not enough to make reservation but to show up on time, as well –  because one can easily come before you that I take your place.

Of course, the advantage of Lasta is that if you arrive by car, you do not need to worry about parking, because parking is nearby the river club Lasta! So hurry up and see for yourself where the craziest summer night are spent in Belgrade.

Feel Belgrade – Feel the difference!


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