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Belgrade News, theatres and plays in Belgrade – Going out in Belgrade – Belgrade News

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Belgrade News – Theatres and plays in Belgrade – play “Welcome to Serbia” – February 16th, a day to introduce you into the cultural reality of Serbia, through presentation of one of the most popular plays in Belgrade. As incoming tourism is one of areas of interest, we want to bring closer to you “Welcome to Serbia” a play by Dragan Jovanovic. Premiere of this play was in 2006 in Theatre “Zvezdara”. Originally, it was supposed to be a monodrama, but the producer and screenwriter realized it would be “flat” so elements like movie, video slides and girl ensemble were introduced into this piece. As a tour guide and owner of tourist agency “Jovanovic”, Dragan Jovanovic guides viewers through Serbian history, beginning in the 7th century B.C. and the first settlements at the coasts of Danube, Lepenski Vir and Vinca culture to recent events like referendum in Montenegro, Kosovo etc. – as author, screenwriter and actor in this play said: “From Kosovo to Kosovo”.

A film directed by Vladimir Mancic illustrates on video beam events and characters important for Serbian history (in the play the film turns on Sinisa – son of the main character). In this comedy about events that define the destinies of people living in this area, going from ancient history till today, you can “meet” Vlastimir, Uros, Stefan Nemanja, Dusan, Lazar, Dinasties of Obrenovic and Karadjordjevic, then Marshal Josip Broz Tito, general Draza, Slobodan Milosevic but also Mihajlo Pupin, Ivo Andric, Nikola Tesla, Mileva Einstein and her husband Albert. Many other events are also in the play, like event of the October 5th – everything that could fit into 2 hours.

Theatres and plays in Belgrade – Belgrade News – Play “Welcome to Serbia” – Choreography for this play was done by Branka Pujic, scenography by Mile Jeremic, costumes by Ljiljana Petrovic. While seven girls were dancing on stage, from traditional dances to Charleston, Dragan Jovanovic was playing four roles: owner of the agency and guide on your journey through Serbia, the uncle, the son and the brother. It’s been a while since a play received such good critics and audience ovations. This play mesmerized citizens of Belgrade.

A traditional “Serbian home” is always very hospitable – proven during the play. Namely, girls wearing traditional outfits served bread and rakija to the audience. After “Smesna strana muzike” (Funny side of music) Dragan Jovnovic takes us through the beautiful past, present and future Serbia in play. As was said at the end of the play “We are at the threshold of Europe, but nobody will carry us over it” or “to know how long we will wait, to be told how long we will wait…”
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Belgrade News, theatres and plays in Belgrade – Going out in Belgrade – Belgrade News