Belgrade Sightseeing tours

Belgrade Sightseeing tours

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Belgrade Sightseeing tours, Belgrade walking tours and Belgrade sightseeing – With the desire to meet all expectations, desires and demands of passengers, our clients – we have prepared several types of sightseeing. Each one of them is in cooperation with our local partners and local tourist guides (licensed tourist guides).

Every sightseeing of Belgrade is possible to organize in all world languages. We can completely adapt to the needs of our clients and guests and design a plan and programme of sightseeing accordingly. As we mentioned before, we have several types of sightseeing: walking through Belgrade, panoramic tours by car, minibus or bus, individual or general tour through Belgrade as well as possibility of joining a group of tourists going for sightseeing of Belgrade.

Each one of the possibilities has its advantages. These tours are accompanied with yet another possibility: their duration can be half day or even an entire day.

Belgrade Sightseeing tours, Belgrade walking tours and Belgrade sightseeing tours – With over 7.000 years of history, Belgrade is one of the oldest settlements in Europe – with the largest number of destructions and reconstructions (over 36 times).

It holds many secrets and stories worth seeing and hearing. Belgrade, the eternal city – as was called by Alexander Diklic, lies on the confluence of great European rivers Sava and Danube and offers a wide range of interesting and cultural landmarks and happenings – attractive for tourists of all ages.

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Belgrade Sightseeing tours / Panoramic sightseeing of Belgrade/ Individual sightseeing of Belgrade / Belgrade sightseeing / Belgrade walking tours / Group Sightseeing of Belgrade 

Walking tour price (Feel Belgrade welcome tour) is 15€ per person
Panoramic sighseeing tour price is 23€ per person
Package : walking tour + panoramic sighseeing tour price is 34€ per person

Guaranteed tours every Saturday at 13h. Other days on request.
Application for panoramic sightseeing or package can be made till 15h every Friday (after that on request)