- Uvac

Tour duration:
- All day long

Tour type:
auto/bus/mini bus




National Park Uvac

Where have been taken all those amazing photos of narrow meandering river through canyon which can usually be seen in the presentations of Serbian touristic offers was probaly your question?

That is National Park Uvac, a natural habitat for an endangered bird-the white headed vulture (Griffon vulture). Waters of the river Uvac have formed narrow passages with steep cliffs, average depth of the valley is between 200 and 300 meters with a maximum of 350 meters. There are more than 130 species of different kinds of bids in this national park, and among them the most remarkable is the white headed vulture (Griffon vulture)-one of the two remaining species of carnivores today in Serbia. Aeronautic engineers have studied the flight of these birds and have used the knowledge for the construction of the air crafts. Their role in the food chain is unique and makes them irreplaceable. Their diet consists of feeding with dead animals, and therefore stops the spread of diseases, and contributes to the “natural recycling”. This magnificent bird with wingspan of 3 meters was very close to extinction. Uvac cave tunnels are the biggest known cave system in Serbia that has been discovered so far. Beside the size, caves represent the most interesting speleological attraction in Serbia, which is one of the foundation values of the whole national park.
The whole park represents the most beautiful and the most popular natural attraction in Serbia from the touristic point of view. Tour through canyon represents a combination of hiking and cruising, and it is a unique adventure in which you will experience all the beauties of the park.


    Time of departure is around 08h. Our official licensed guide will be waiting for you at the agreed place and after the short introduction we will begin our journey. Heading towards Uvac national park we have about 260 km to drive through Central Serbia over regional roads. Uvac is an artificial lake made by building dams on the same name river in 1981. At the same time it is a protected natural reservation which is the habitat of griffon vulture. Ride takes around 4.5h so we will do one stop for a pause. Upon arrival to national park program starts with boat cruise over the lake. With boat we are riding about two hours until we reach the meanders. After that we will continue with walking tour around with a great views on a lake and canyon. Watching white griffon vultures during scenic ride. After hiking we are entering the Ice Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. The Icy cave is 2500 meters long and it has been known for a long time but no one supposed that along with Uvac cave, which stretches parallel on the distance of some 100 meters, creates a unique cave system – the longest one in Serbia – 6185 meters. The cave has all the elements of an underground castle – auditoriums, ornaments, high pillars, draperies. It is not made for tourist visits so that her visiting with guides with the help of flashlights is really something extraordinary. Considering that it is accessible exclusively by boat, the visit to this cave is a real adventure. Boat ride back to the dam and then we will visit the Zlatarsko Lake.

After the tour, you will have short brake for individual activities and after it we continue our trip back to Belgrade with one short stop.