Belgrade Beer fest garden – Beer Fest Garden Belgrade

Belgrade beer fest garden – Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 – Belgrade Beer garden

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Belgrade beer fest garden – Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 – Belgrade Beer garden – Once more, creativity and inventiveness adorn the city bringing one more event to cheer up residents of Belgrade and all of its visitors.

This summer Belgrade hosts a new event Beer Garden, which will be held from July 10 to August 12. Belgrade Beer Garden – for 34 days visitors will be able to enjoy in over 150 brands and sorts of beer from 40 countries, surrounded with beautiful scenery of Beer Garden (Ada Ciganlija, beginning of Makiska side of Ada). Every night will be organized different free concert performances of famous bands.

Belgrade Beer fest garden – Starting at 21h, every day at Beer Garden stage will perform rock, blues, jazz, reggae and ska bands and during weekend will perform famous Serbian and regional bands ensuring a wonderful time: Orthodox Celts, Del Arno bend, Zemlja gruva (scheduled for the first weekend), Vampiri, Dječaci, Eva Braun, Plejboj, Artan Lili, Sinestezija, Ničim izazvan, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Svi na pod, Lira Vega and many others.

Asides from pleasing variety of music tastes – Beer Garden will surely satisfy all beer lovers. Visitors will have the chance to try great variety of beers – domestic, worldwide famous brands, “craft” beers from small breweries, served at the greatest bar in the world.

Belgrade Beer fest Garden – Not only during the night, but during the day also, Beer Garden will be the place to go to and avoid the summer fuss, while enjoying the nature with friends and family – with great food and drinks. Additionally, there is one more great news for animal lovers – Beer Garden is pet friendly, with working hours from 10h to 00h.

To make the stay in Beer Garden more interesting, a long-term many charity, educational activities and interesting competitions will be organized, such as: traditional campaign “I choose to recycle” in cooperation with Re Can foundation.

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Post taken from: Belgrade Beer Fest, official page.

Belgrade Beer fest Garden – Belgrade Beer fest 2015