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Last minute offers by Dream Land agency / Dream Land Belgrade Last minute / FeelBelgrade and Dream Land Last minute offers by Dream Land agency – Belgrade Dear visitors and users of the FeelBelgrade portal – we have the pleasure to introduce you to a friend tourist agency Dream Land from Belgrade. This agency brings to you the best last minute offers in Serbia and abroad. At the page Special offers and Last minute offers of Dream Land agency you can find the best deals in the tourist market – cheapest vacations and travels. First minute – Greece, Turkey, Egypt… Last minute – Greece, Turkey, Egypt… First minute and last minute deals for Greece, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Bulgaria, Tunisia and other destinations can be found through a simple click to the wanted destination, or you can send an inquiry to the agency. Dream Land agency, with many years of experience and cooperation with domestic and international partners, became a brand in the Serbian touristic market. Asides from selling travel packages, they also provide many other services: selling flight tickets to all destinations, congress tourism, group travels, individual travel packages etc. Last minute offers, being the most cost effective travel packages, demand quick reactions, payments and fast travel preparations. Dream Land team are in Vracar, Njegoseva 41 St. Interesting fact: Dream Land agency was plagiarized by uninventive tourist agencies from other areas in Serbia. So far, they are an original brand, with offices only in Belgrade in Njegoseva Street. The agency also carries the name “House of Good Travel – Dream Land”.
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