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Parking in Belgrade – Information about parking in Belgrade will be of great importance for you if plan on using a car during your stay here. In a wider area of the city center exists a zonal parking system with time limits. Parking places in Belgrade are divided into three zones.

How to recognize the zonal parking system?

Parking in Belgrade or how to park a car in Belgrade – At the beginning of the parking within a zone you will see one of the three signs as given below. Also, asides from the signs, at the very parking place you will see that there is another border on the slot, not just the white one. Those are indicators that there is a zonal parking system, and depending on the color, you can conclude which zone you are in and according to that, you will find the number to which you should send an SMS as a payment method for parking. In the chart below you may see limitations as well as payment methods. Please find all apartments and vacation rentals by following this LINK.


How long can I stay in particular parking zone in Belgrade?

U zone 1 you can stay 1 hour, zone 2 for 2 hours and zone 3 for three hours.

How can I pay for parking in Belgrade?

Parking in Belgrade you can pay in 2 ways:

  • By sending SMS message with you licence plate numbers  (example BG-458-KA send without any marks, like BG458KA) on following numbers: 9111 for first zone, 9112 fos second and 9113 for third. You will get system SMS message with confirmation that you have paid parking and when your parking is ending. If you plan to stay for 2 hours send 2 messages and bear in mind that in first zone you can stay for 1 hour, in second for 2 hours etc..
  • Other way is to buy parking ticke in closest store on which you write arrival time and you should leave parking ticket inside your vehicle on visible spot (windshield). When you are buying parking ticket you need to write for which zone and how long are you staying. You have 15 minutes to pay for the parking.

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Garage “Obilićev venac”
Address: Obilićev venac br. 14 – 16
Parking places: 619
Floors: P+5
Working time: 00-24 časa

Garage “Zeleni venac”
Address: Kraljice Natalije br. 13
Parking places: 304
Floors: P+5,5
Working time: 00-24 časa

Garage “Masarikova”
Address: Masarikova br. 4
Parking places: 460
Floors: 3 podrumske i 6,5 spratnih etaža
Working time: 00-24 časa

Garage “Aerodrom”
Address: Kompleks Aerodroma
Parking places: 521
Floors: P+2 i P+3
Working time: 00-24 časa

Garage “Pionirski park”
Address: Dragoslava Jovanovića br. 2
Parking places: 472
Floors: Podzemna garaža sa tri nivoa
Working time: 00-24 časa

Garage “Vukov spomenik”
Address: Ugao ulica Kraljice Marije i Ruzveltove
Parking places: 121
Floors: Podzemna garaža u jednom nivou
Working time: 00-24 časa

Garage “Botanička bašta”
Address: Vojvode Dobrnjca 10
Parking places: 250
Floors: Podzemna garaža na 5 nivoa
Working time: 00.00-24.00

Garage “Dr Aleksandra Kostića”
Address: Dr Aleksandra Kostića 15
Parking places: 59
Floors: Podzemna
Working time: 00.00-24.00

Parking lots

Garage “Blok 42”
Address: Antifašističke borbe br. 2
Parking places: 637
Working time: 00-24

Garage “Sava Centar”
Address: Milentija Popovića br. 9
Parking places: 421
Working time: 00-24

Garage “Aerodrom”
Address: Airport
Parking places: 585
Working time: 00-24

Garage “Novi Beograd”
Address: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina br. 167, ispred SO Novi Beograd
Parking places: 127
Working time: 00-24

Garage “Masarikov trg”
Address: Masarikov trg, ispred SO Zemun
Parking places: 104
Working time: 00-24

Fast park “Kamenička”
Address: Kamenička br. 8
Parking places: 95
Working time: 00-24

Fast park “Politika”
Address: Makedonska br. 29
Parking places: 53
Working time: 00-24

Fast park “Viška”
Address: Maksima Gorkog br. 2, ispred SO Vračar
Parking places: 95
Working time: 00-24

Garage “Slavija – 1”
Address: Prote Mateje br. 1
Parking places: 86
Working time: 00-24

Fast park “Slavija – 2”
Address: Prote Mateje br. 2
Parking places: 130
Working time: 00-24

Fast park “Čukarica”
Address: Šumadijski trg, ispred SO Čukarica
Parking places: 78
Working time: 00-24

Fast park “Karađorđeva”
Address: Karađorđeva br. 87
Parking places: 61
Working time: 00-24

Fast park “Ada Ciganlija”
Address: Ada Ciganlija bb
Parking places: 1548
Working time: 00-24

Fast park ”Milan Gale Muškatirović”
Address: Tadeuša Košćuška 63
Parking places: 311
Broj parking mesta za autobuse: 9
Working time: 00 -24

Fast park “Donji grad”
Address: Karađorđeva 2-4
Parking places: 382
Working time: 00.00-24.00

Fast park “Cvetkova pijaca”
Address: Ulica Živka Davidovića
Parking places: 104
Working timee: 00.00-24.00

Fast park “VMA”
Address: Crnotravska 17
Parking places: 565
Working time: 00.00-24.00

Fast park “Kapetanija”
Address: Kej oslobođenja 8
Parking places: 62
Working time: 00.00-24.00