Other location Belgrade rentals

Other location Belgrade rentals – Apartments in Belgrade, located outside the city center are at even more affordable rates. This page gives you a selection of our apartments outside the centre of Belgrade. These apartments are in Vozdovac, Banjica, in Vojvode Stepe Street, near building of PINK, near Military Medical Academy (Serban:VMA), near Zira hotel etc. Accommodation in this offer is very suitable for guests who are for some reason tied for a certain part of the city. This group of apartments also includes: luxurious apartments in Belgrade as well as the Cheapest apartments Belgrade. If you are in need for accommodation, in Belgrade apartments for a shorter period of time and you want to stay outside Belgrade city centre – contact us, FeelBelgrade.com – agency specialized in per day apartment rental. We have a lot of apartments to offer both in center and outside of the center of Belgrade (in Vozdovac, Banjica, near Military Medical Academy – ser. VMA). Apartments in Belgrade are studios, one/two/three or more bedroom apartments.

Other location Belgrade rentals – Entire offer of apartments near city centre is on “Apartment per day” basis – apartment rental depending on your desired period of stay (apartments can be rented per day, two or more; for longer stays you make an arrangement with the agency). Along with taking care of the both quality and prices of our apartments, we do our best to provide the most affordable and most quality apartments in every part of the Belgrade.

Other location Belgrade rentals – You can calculate the price of your stay, on your own, on the page of the chosen apartment – or you can contact us via phone+381 63 242422. Our kind staff is always available to answer your questions.

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