Dino Merlin concert in Belgrade

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Dino Merlin concert in Belgrade / Dino MErlin concert in Belgrade arena

Dino Merlin Concert in Belgrade / Dino Merlin Belgrade / Concert Dino Merlin Belgrade / Belgrade arena concert of Dino Merlin – The tour, which started in Sarajevo continues in the Serbian capital. After a sold-out concert at the Kosevo stadium in Sarajevo, which was attended by over 70,000 visitors, Dino Merlin comes in Belgrade, the largest hall in Serbia – Kombank Arena. The famous Sarajevo singer Dino Merlin will perform on October 24 in Belgrade Arena, and interest in his concert is extremely high. The concert is scheduled for October 24, and this will be the first appearance of this great singer in Belgrade after November 2011, when he sang for three nights in the same arena full every day with visitors from all over Serbia. “It seems to me like it’s my last Belgrade performance was yesterday, not nearly four years ago. Memories of those three nights were so strong and alive that was putting off my new appearance in Belgrade, thinking it is way too soon. After my fourth big concert in Sarajevo last month, with an even greater desire I am looking forward to my 4th concert in the Arena and meeting my audience, ” said Merlin.

Dino Merlin Concert in Belgrade – Edin Dervishalidovic (born 12/ 9/ 1962 in Sarajevo), aka Dino Merlin, is a Bosnian musician and songwriter. One of the most famous singers/ songwriters in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries of the former Yugoslavia. Dino Merlin started founding a group Merlin in 1983 where he was lead singer and songwriter. With the group, Dino Merlin recorded five studio albums, and he recorded 6 more since going solo in 1991.

Dino Merlin Concert in Belgrade – Dino Merlin and his band held numerous concerts promoting the latest album “Hotel Nacional” in the last 12 months. He performed worldwide: from the United States and Canada to Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Austria and Macedonia, in large concert halls and arenas, breaking records of visits and each time throwing top show and delighting the audience over and over again.

Organizer of the concert in Belgrade: Digi Media. Foto: Petar Milosevic 2011.

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