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Frequently asked questions Belgrade by tourists / All about Belgrade / Belgrade Landmarks / Belgrade sightseeing – Belgrade Apartments and rentals

Apartment use

Do the sheets get changed in the apartments?

Sheets are changed once a week.


Are there towels in the apartment?

Yes, there are towels in the apartment.


Is there WIFI in the apartment?

Yes, every apartment has wireless internet connection.


Is there a phone in the apartment?

Yes there is, but it cannot be used for calling abroad. 


What happens if I lose the key to my apartment?

If the key gets lost, the leaseholder bares the cost of changing the lock. (lock needs to be changed for safety issues)


Can I invite friends over to the apartment?

Of course you can invite friends over, but You cannot disturb house rules and make celebrations.

Reservation info

How can I book apartment/condo in Belgrade?

Apartments can be booked via booking link next to each apartment on our web site. There are detailed instructions and all information you need to insert in order to book the apartment of your choice. Other way to book an apartment is via e-mail, phone or skype. If the apartment of your choice is already booked, we will offer you some of our vacant apartments that fit the most to your criteria.


Is it enough to book the apartment via your web site and when does the reservation gets confirmed?

The reservation gets valid the moment you receive a return e-mail or a phone call from our agency. After that, you receive an electronic voucher in which you are given the following information: data about your host, about you, time and date of your arrival and departure from the apartment, as well as data on other services that you booked.


Can I cancel the reservation and what are the penalties?

If you cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to you arrival, and you haven’t deposited a 30% (deposit required for stays longer than 7 days) there are no penalties.



If I wish to stay shorted? What happens then?

Given that the payment for entire booked period is made while entering the apartment FeelBelgrade is entitled to keep the remaining amount. To avoid such situations, we suggest that you book the apartment for the sure period of your stay, make a remark that it may occur that you extend your stay, and in that case FeelBelgrade will do everything to make your apartment available to you.


Is the deposit mandatory while booking an apartment?

The deposit is mandatory (30%),  for New Year’s Eve (when the deposit is 40%) and for reservations for stay longer than 7 days (when the deposit is 50%).


What happens when due to unforeseen circumstances (technical malfunction) I can’t stay in the apartment of my choice?

In very rare cases there can occur issues with the apartment (technical issues). FeelBelgrade will find adequate replacement, on a location according to your needs, so your stay in Belgrade remains undisturbed.

Apartment conduct/rules

When is check-out time on departure day?

Apartment must be vacated till 12:00 (noon) on departure day, if not defined otherwise in the contract.


Is it possible to stay in the apartment past this time, and if so, how is this charged?

The extended stay in the apartment, past 12:00 (noon) is charged as an entire day or according to our agreement with you. 


Can I leave my valuables in the apartment (watches, jewelry, money…)?

FeelBelgrade cannot guarantee for your valuables because you are obliged to carry your valuables with you.


Can I bring my pet into the apartment?

Pets are not allowed in the apartment, unless arranged differently with the agency.


What happens if I cause any damage in the apartment?

Every damage caused in the apartment, must be reimbursed completely.



Are there any house rules and when they must be obeyed?

Guests must obey house rules from 14 to 17h as well as from 22 to 08h. House rules are in each apartment.


Can my reservation get cancelled during my stay?

FeelBelgrade reserves the right to cancel the guest’s reservation if he/she disobeys the house rules and/or displays misbehavior. 


Phone number for reporting any irregularities, complaint or problem?

In case of any irregularity, complaint, problem or suggestion, please contact the agency at + 38163 242422

Entering and leaving the apartment

How do I find my apartment?

When your reservation gets confirmed, you will be emailed a detailed map for reaching your apartment. If you arrive by train, bus or plane, the representative of the agency FeelBelgrade can meet you with our vehicle (with additional charge) and take you to your apartment. If you arrive by your own transportation, we can meet you at a pre-arranged spot.

When can I check in at the apartment and at what time am I supposed to leave it – check out?

Check in time is 14:00, and check out time is by 12:00 (noon) on the departure day. If you are to arrive sooner, the agency must be timely notified, and we will host you at the time of your arrival if the reserved apartment is vacant.

What if I arrive very early in the morning or very late in the evening?

Provided that the agency was previously notified, it is not an issue for us to meet you outside the scheduled time, given that the reserved apartment is vacant.

Who gives me the keys to my apartment?

Keys to your apartment are handed out to you by the owner of the apartment or the agent of FeelBelgrade – person with whom you will be in contact from the moment your reservation is confirmed. Meaning that he/she will hand over the keys to you, at which time you will sign the contract and make payment.

Is it possible to have someone else taking the keys before I arrive?

Yes, but in that case that person will take over all your obligations, meaning that he/she will sign the contract and make payment.

On departure day, who do I hand back keys to?

When leaving the apartment, the keys will be handed back to either the apartment owner or to our agent, only after a performed check of apartment’s condition behind you.

Payment conditions

What is included in the price of my stay?

It is included:

  1. Staying at the apartment
  2. Cleaning (before and after your stay)
  3. Utilities

When do I make the payment?

Payment is made when signing the contract on entering the apartment.

Payment method and can I pay in euros?

Payment is made in dinars at middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the payment date – right before you enter your apartment.

Can I pay day-to-day?

Yes, you can pay day-to-day, but the payment has to be in advance.

What happens if I quit, and I have already made the reservation and deposited 30%?

Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable.

Terms and conditions of our agency:

1) Reservation

It’s very simple to book our apartments. Visit our website www.feelbelgrade.com where you will find a link BOOK next to each apartment. As soon as we receive your booking form, we will do our best to reply back to you ASAP. The confirmation form that you will receive from our agency will contain: name, address, phone and email of the person in charge for your accommodation. If you want to make any changes regarding the reserved apartment, it must be confirmed by our agency in an e-mail.

2) Price

All given prices are on a daily basis. Consumption of water, electricity, heat as well as internet connection are included in the price of the apartment rental. Parking and tourist taxes (1.3 euros per day), optional transportation from/to airport are not included in the price.

For a child under the age of 2 (accompanied with two adults) the stay is free if they use the existing bed. If they use an extra bed, it is charged according to the pricing list.

For a child under the age of 2 (accompanied with one adult) the stay is charged according to the pricing list for 2 adults.

For two children under 12 accompanied with two adults (a child under 2 and a child over 2) the apartment is charged according to the pricing list for 3 adults.

For two children under 12 accompanied with two adults (both children between 2 and 12) the apartment is charged according to the pricing list for 3 adults.

For three children under 12 accompanied with two adults (one child is under 2) the apartment is charged according to the pricing list for 4 adults.

3) Payment method

Payment is made in advance. It can be done via banking account, banking transfer or personally. If you wish to extend your stay, it will be at the same price as your current stay (based on the additional number of days you intend to spend in the apartment), given that the apartment is available. For all bookings longer than 7 days, 50% of the total cost of the reservation is deposited in advance.

4) Arrivals and Departures

Check in is between 14:00 and 20:00 and check outs are between 7:00 and 12:00 (noon). For any changes regarding the given times of arrival and departure, you need to inform the agency in time via phone or e-mail office@feelbelgrade.com , so you are welcomed in a proper manner.

5) Cleaning of apartments

Apartments are cleaned on a weekly basis. It includes complete disinfection of toilette and kitchen, change of sheets and towels as well as performing other sanitary and hygiene activities. The lessee commits himself to return the apartment to its original state, asides from the impurities that come as a result of living in the apartment.

6) Pets

Pets are not allowed in the apartments, unless arranged and confirmed otherwise via email by our agency.

7) Rules of conduct

If the lessee doesn’t behave according to the house rules, the agency reserves the right to ask the lessee to leave the apartment with no reimbursement.

8) Apartment features

All our apartments are equipped according to European standards: kitchen with refrigerator, stove and all other accompanying appliances, bedroom with comforters, pillows, sheets and towels; living room with LCD TV, cable TV connection, phone, internet connection, air condition and all the other necessary equipment.

9) Cancelling the reservation

In case of cancelling the reservation, you need to contact us at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival, so the costs of cancellation could be taken down to a minimum. In case of additional people arriving, we also kindly ask you to contact us within the same timeframe (72 hours prior the arrival) and inform us, so we could add accommodation units. The deposit of 50% for stays longer than 7 days will be refunded only in cases when cancellation is performed timely (72h in advance).

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