Cafe restaurant Voulez Vous

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Đorđa Vajferta 52 

Working hours:

08h – 01h 


House / Ambient / Disco 


160 people


Coffee shop program

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Cafe restaurant Voulez Vous

Cafe restaurant Voulez Vous – Located on Neimar, just below the park, Voulez-Vous charms at first glance with its open space where the terrace and indoor space form a whole, open and airy with lots of light.

Maybe the end came for the restaurants with traditional tablecloths, hostesses that lead guests to their seats and waiters stiff at the waist that hold the left hand behind their back while serving – at least it is what one may think of when visiting a “democratic restaurant” such is “Voulez vous”.

Do you want a relaxed atmosphere, waiters who are real buddies from the neighborhood, food that arrives quickly creatively arranged? If yes, be sure not to miss “Voulez Vous”. However, pay attention to this (especially for the restaurant critics): These restaurants are recommended as the place where one eats well and cheap.

But, what is actually cheap? Restaurant “Voulez vous” is an honest place. Designed to tickle your imagination, to attract you, where all the dishes look the most beautiful on the menu but don’t leave you dissatisfied with the taste.

Cafe restaurant Voulez Vous  – At second glance this place will win you over with cuisine and overall experience brought with the Mediterranean atmosphere created by the chef. All in all, a fine-balanced dose of informality and warmth with excellent cuisine, effective presentation at very reasonable prices. In this urban oasis for those who don’t separate having a job from enjoying, we provide excellent WI-FI.

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Cafe restaurant Voulez Vous  is located in a beautiful part of Neimar with a fantastic garden that looks toward the Neimar park.

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