Café Ceger

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Skrelićeva 20 

Working hours:

Mon -Thu 07.30 -00.00, Friday-Sutrday 07.30 -01.00 


House / Ambient 


120 people


Coffee shop program

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Café Ceger –  best cafés in Belgrade

Café Ceger – Due to the expansion of business, popular Belgrade café Ceger recently changed their location and moved near the National Library in Vracar, in Skerliceva Street and is now on two levels with a large garden.

The interior design is work of architect Aleksandar Mijatovic, while the visual identity of CEGER is created by Slavimir Stojanovic, a world-renowned graphic designer. Furniture is unique, handmade, and the first thing you notice when you enter the premises, are wonderful chandeliers reminiscent of marine lamps.

Symbolically, numerous shopping bag that adorned the walls of the former café CEGER (eng: shopping bag) near Kalinic market, are now replaced by books. Most guests of the place usually drink wine, and there are different types of sandwiches and cakes in the offer.

Food is served only as tapas, and a cup of coffee or tea is a must have with handmade biscuit. Unlike most stores, which offer have a classic squeezed juices,  in CEGER guests choose the ingredients for a healthy mix that, having modern machines for cold pressing of the fruit and vegetables, creates a potion with all the vitamins.

“We started in Ruzveltova Street, then we moved and opened the old Ceger in Sava Kovacevic Street and now we are in Skerliceva Street, near the Church and libraries, in good company as always! We are always crowded, wherever we are – from day one till today.

People know what is good. We change locations – we keep the style and crew. Two types of people visit us: guests and friends! Well, new guests and old friends – welcome! We like to think that the café Ceger is place for smart people who are smarter than their smart phones. They keep them in their pockets because their smart conversations with smart friends at the table are always more important.

We work to make CEGER place where always good company, with even better food and best drink is! We want to become and stay the place you consider your second house, but to be in first place! Enough about us and now back to you: So how are you doing today? “

Café Ceger Belgrade – With the desire to achieve full interaction between guests café Ceger has implemented a series of architectonic and design tricks.

The new shop in the heart of Belgrade.

Feel the difference – Feel Belgrade! Café Ceger Belgrade


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