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Dental Clinics in Belgrade / Belgrade Dental Clinics / Dental Clinic in Belgrade

Dental clinics in Belgrade – We are a team of specialists in surgery, prosthetics and orthodontics. We use the latest technology and the latest methods in dental treatment and it is a guarantee that you will get the desired and natural smile.

If there is an emergency, we are able that see you right away, without waiting. “Ideal smile” is different for everybody. This is why we always work with you, in our lab, in order to give you not only a more attractive smile, but the one that is natural and perfectly fits you. Pleasant and comfortable environment will make your visit to the dentist pleasant, and for our youngest patients – as easy and calm as possible. Dental clinics in Belgrade –

-Teeth Whitening-
Medicaments most commonly used for teeth whitening are based on carbamide or hydrogen peroxide and they are, with some minor changes, used for over 30 years. Studies have shown that there are no significant changes in micro hardness of tooth enamel if we apply medicaments with lower concentration of carbamide peroxide in specified time intervals, which we recommend. This is why, based on years of experience in this field, in our clinic, we apply the so-called “home” bleaching method. This method gives the best results with minimal damage to the enamel structure and minimal patient discomfort. Using the mixture in low concentrations during the night, for less than a week you will reach the perfect whiteness of your teeth.
Leading trend in cosmetic surgery – minimal grinding of tooth substance to desired smile.
-Bonding-Aesthetic fillings-
Aesthetic restoration of teeth with the latest composite materials.
-Ceramic-metal crown and bridge-
The conventional way of making crowns and bridges with a great blend of functional and aesthetic requirements.
-Non-metal Crown and bridge-
The metal base has been replaced by one of the hardest material in nature – zirconium Oxide. This material provides high functionality and meets aesthetic requirements.
-Preventive dental services-
Maintaining oral hygiene, regular controls, removal of soft and hard deposits and other preventive measures are of great importance for the preservation of teeth and overall health. Prevention is particularly important during pregnancy and childhood.
-Pediatric Dental services-
Regular and timely management of taking children to the dentist from month 6 (when first tooth appears).

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Dental Clinic Belgrade / Belgrade Dental Clinics / Dental Clinics in Belgrade


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