Restaurant Kod Goce i Renata Belgrade

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Pancevački put bb 

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120 people


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Restaurant Kod Goce i Renata Belgrade –  The house of the old fishermen

Restaurant Kod Goce i Renata Belgrade  – The house of the old fishermen, as the name suggests, is there for centuries. Saying goodbye to older fishermen and welcoming new generations, fans of fishing and river life, the Danube fishermen penguins have found peace in this humble hut.

All of those who enjoy a homey atmosphere and a real river fisherman fish soup and fresh fish, which they hunt by day and night regardless of the weather, are welcome here.

Restaurant Kod Goce i Renata Belgrade – The fish roasting on the disc harrow, soup simmering in a pot on a tripod, and river lovers enjoying being our company until the late hours. The wine was pouring, the preys measured, while fishermen were retelling their endeavors…  and so, day by day, this fishermen hut became a big resort, for business people, adults, children.

Parents taste the fish specialties in our tavern while children run around the little park full of greenery and a variety of entertainment for children.

Tavern “Kod Goce i Renata” asides from pleasant atmosphere, offers fresh fish, fish stew, meat dishes from the grill, a variety of desserts, good local white wine with a beautiful view from the huge terrace over the water, looking to the Danube and Pancevo bridge, pontoon where you can moor your boat or a yacht if you are coming to us by river.

 You will be welcomed by friendly staff at this fishermen house with centuries of tradition.

If we said that tavern “Kod Goce i Renata” is as tourist attractions, we would really be telling the truth. It most certainly is! We tried to describe in short everything that we would like to offer you to bring our story closer to you. Everything is exactly as we described and there are not “fishing stories”! So, hurry up because the best way to believe us is to see for yourself!

Feel the difference! Feel Belgrade


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