Kalemegdan Terrace Restaurant

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Mali Kalemegdan bb  

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Kalemegdan Terrace Restaurant – The best restaurants in Belgrade

Kalemegdan Terrace Restaurant – This Terrace Restaurant is a restaurant with tradition and an oasis of hedonism, which is located in the historical heart of Belgrade within the very, very famous fortress – guess which? Kalemegdan, of course.

Hidden in a quiet area from which you can see several Belgrade’s landmarks and the Zoo, the restaurant transforms from the informal during the day, to the elegant and romantic in the evening.

Kalemegdan Terrace Restaurant – It is a perfect blend of modern and traditional experience for all senses. If you’re in the mood for lunch you can sit in the air-conditioned room with 100 seats or enjoy in the terrace of 150 seats that offers a beautiful view of the Danube.

If you want to treat yourself with a drink, you will enjoy the outdoor cafe “Tvrdjava” or “Jaksiceva tower” during winter, which are parts of our restaurant. For the delicious food is responsible the chef Danijel Stevanović who, based on his rich experience, created a unique menu; French cuisine dishes might be the perfect choice for a family lunch.

There are many treats to remember accompanied with special wines. The restaurant offers a spectacular view of the city and the river – the sunset from the Kalemegdan terrace even has unique color.

Kalemegdan Terrace Restaurant – If you are visiting Belgrade, Kalemegdan terrace restaurant is a place where you can start or finish your tour of the city. During the Turkish reign in Belgrade Kalemegdan (Turkish: kale – fortress and megdan – field) separated the fortress from the town. The Turks called it Fikir bajir meaning hill for contemplation.

Today, in that specific place is Kalemegdanska terrace, the perfect choice for you, to enjoy the blend of history and modern spirit.

Restaurant “Kalemegdan Terrace” is the ultimate hedonism with a view. Excellent service, pleasant atmosphere in almost idyllic ambience are just part of the memories of this magical and special city.

Once you conquer the Kalemegdan fortress you will always come back to it…



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