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Belgrade Beer Fest 2016 / Festival Beogarad beer / Beer Fest Usce 2016 /

Belgrade Beer Fest 2016 – Beer lovers, once again this year will be able to enjoy their favorite beverage. Traditionally, 14th year in row will be organized Belgrade Beer Fest 2016, August 17 to 21.

Belgrade Beer Fest is a festival that promotes socializing, positive energy, cosmopolitan spirit of Belgrade and great entertainment. First of all, this event is one of the Belgrade trademarks, which sends a positive image of Belgrade and Belgrade residents throughout the world. Beer Fest promotes Balkan culture and heritage. Over 7.2 million satisfied visitors from all over the world are the best proof Beer Fest is on the right track. In addition to the role it plays in the rebranding and repositioning of Serbia on the world map, this Festival promotes socializing, making new friendships and business contacts. Every year the Festival becomes the ideal marketing and sales platform where the breweries and other companies present their products and services to visitors of different economic, age and social status. Festival atmosphere, relaxed and cheerful, is the memory that visitors will take home remembering the music and party.

Belgrade Beer Fest 2016 – The biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe, Belgrade Beer Fest continues with excellent music program and wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands, of course, entrance is free.

Belgrade Beer Fest 2016 was founded in 2003. During these years visitors could see more than 570 music performances, taste more than 300 beer brands and participated in numerous social campaigns. Belgrade Beer Fest has established itself as one of the most important places on the tourist offer of Serbia, as well as a brand that works to promote the country image.

Belgrade Beer Fest won the award “Best of Serbia” in 2014 in the category of the best events that promote Serbia! This award, has been granted since 2004, by Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and daily economic newspaper “Privredni pregled” (Economic Review), with the goal to promote the most successful brands on the Serbian market. Belgrade Beer Fest has contributed to Belgrade becoming one of the ten most interesting sites in the world for young tourists.

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