Belgrade Beer Fest 2015

Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 / Beer Fest Belgrade / Belgrade beer festival

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Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 / Beer Fest Belgrade 2015 – The First Belgrade Beer Fest was held in 2003 at Kalemegdan. By now, over 6 million visitors attended the Beer Fest and its more than 500 free performances. Curious fact – up to now over 100 bands performed in this festival!

This year, Belgrade Beer Fest is being held August 19 to 23 in Usce (The Confluence). Usce, as a place hosting Belgrade Beer Fest is a very suitable part of the city in regards to both accessibility and safety reasons.

Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 is one of the largest beer festivals in the SE Europe (based on the average number of visitors) – the only festival larger is the Festival in Prague. In 5 days of this event it is visited by over 450.000 people. Organizers stick to some basic rules from the beginning – free entry, quality music programme and constant expansion in the offer of beers both national and international brands and that’s why there are so many visitors.

Festival gained many acknowledgements. Among these acknowledgements is from the British magazine The Independent that in 2005 put the Belgrade Beer Fest on the list of the 20 must visits world events.

Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 is supporting socially responsible campaigns like “I choose to recycle” which has the goal to empower the ecological awareness of citizens and to purchase recycling containers for Belgrade schools. For its support to this campaign, marketing magazine “Taboo” elected it as the marketing event of the year in 2009.

Also, it was awarded with “The best from Serbia” award in 2014. This award is being granted by the State since 2004.

This year, Belgrade Beer Fest is followed with an event Belgrade Beer garden. This is a brand new happening and it will last from July 10 to 12 at Ada Ciganlija, Makiska side. Every day, starting at 21h at the stage of Beer Garden will perform rock, blues, jazz, reggae and ska bands, and during weekends will perform bands famous in Serbia and in the region. And of course, many beer makers will attend the event promoting their beer brands.

Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 – Belgrade beer festival– Beer Fest 2015 Belgrade