15. Belgrade Beer Fest: Stereo MC’s and Darko Rundek

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The stars of this year’s 15th Belgrade Beer Fest are also joined by the famous hip-hop / dance attraction, the British band Stereo MC’s.

Their performance will mark the second night of the festival, an hour after midnight, in the new festival space – Innovation Zone.

Stereo MC’s were created in the mid-1980s inspired by hip-hop and the legendary British club scene. The international success of the band reached with the album “Connected”, which, in addition to high circulation, provided them with a tour of immortalized performances at famous festivals including Glastonbury.

There were no prestigious awards such as “Mercury” and two “Brit” awards for the best album and best performance. After that period, there was a lull, during which they mostly deal with remixes, and seven years later on the music chart they were returned by singles “Deep, Down and Dirty”.

Regional star, Croatian producer Darko Rundek, will go out in front of the audience on Usce on Saturday, August 19th, when the band will perform new and old, well-known hits. A well-known musician, who marked twenty years of career after the breakup of the Haustor group, promises a good atmosphere with a rich opus for all generations.


15. Belgrade Beer Fest

With the dates of the concerts Darka Rundek and Stereo MC’s, the program of this year’s jubilee, Belgrade Beer Fest, was completed.

The musical program begins every day at 18.00, and the first day of the festival will feature performances by Death Saw and their frontman Djordje David, rock band Van Gogh, music duo from Niš under the name of Stereo banana, which will bring a mixture of hip-hop, breakbeat , Reggae and funk, which will also be an introduction to the famous British electric band Asian Dub Foundation, in whose music visitors will be able to enjoy the Innovation Zone. The fans of the local sound of the same night will be dressing up the concert of the legendary Nis group Gali.

On the second day of the festival, the warm-up from the stage will start with the metal-punk band Mortal Kombat, followed by the concert of the legendary rock band Riblja čorba, then continued with the performances of the cult Belgrade punk band Direktori and the most famous domestic Orthodox Celts. The same evening, the audience will be able to enjoy the Stereo MC’s from one hour after midnight.

The program will open on Friday, August 18th, the Cotton Pickers, a Belgrade supergroup, Skrtica, headed by Canet, and then sail into regional waters with the performances of the punk-rock band Cold Beer, Sarajevo Zabranjeno pušenje and the turning turbo / folk / punk / Rock attractions Brkovi. The program will close the performances of Kiril Dzhekovsky in the Innovation Zone and the punk band Atheist Rap at the Main Stage.

Performing an ever-more popular band Nothing challenged, Darka Rundek, punk band Goblini and S.A.R.S in Innovation Zone, Nizber Roker Kerber and ska punk band Independent references will mark the program that the audience expects on Saturday, August 19th.

The last day of the festival will begin with the reggae sounds of Del Arno Band. The evening will be followed by the memory of the Blue Orchestra and the guests, and the night of good play will continue with the gigs of Dejan Petrović and his Big Band in the Innovation Zone. The performance of the KAL group at Main Stage will close the 15th Jubilee Beer Festival.

Belgrade Beer Fest will be held from August 16 to 20 at Usce.