Eastern Serbia Tour

Eastern Serbia Tour – A 3 day trip to Eastern Serbia, with primary focus on Đerdap (Iron Gate) national park, with easy and moderate offroad sections where necessary. Attractions, historical monuments and activities:

  • Velika čuka scenic point
  • Golubac fortress
  • Sokolovac scenic point
  • Lepenski Vir archelogical site and museum
  • Boljetin river canyon
  • Kovilovo scenic point
  • Kapetan Mišin Breg art gallery
  • Rajko's cave
  • Copper & gold mine Majdanpek
  • Gold panning rivers of Homolje (with gold panning demostration)
  • Valja prerast stone arch (the highest stone arch of eastern Serbia)
  • Rudna glava archeological site (oldest copper mine in Europe)
  • Ploče scenic point and natural museum (above the Iron Gate gorge)
  • Vratna gorge (the most famous 3 stone arches of eastern Serbia)
  • Rajačke pimnice ethno-village (the famous wine village of eastern Serbia)
  • Stol mountain
  • Underground cafe in Bor
  • Samar stone arch (Dubašnica)
  • Vernjikica and Lazar's cave, scenic viewpoints of Lazar's canyon

Aproximate length of trip – about 900 km.

Eastern Serbia Tour – Programme

Eastern Serbia Tour – Day 1

Departing Belgrade around 8 AM (from Likos 4×4 headquarters where the rental vehicles are stationed). Driving towards the Iron Gate gorge. First point of interest the Velika Čuka scenic point, which offers a great view of the entrance point of the Iron Gate gorge, including the Golubac fortress from above. Visiting the Golubac fortress, then continuing along the Danube to the starting point of the Sokolovac viewpoint ascent (climbing offroad to about 625 m above sea). Descending from Sokolovac to Lepenski Vir museum, visiting museum, and lunch in the nearby restaurant by the river (estimated around 1 PM). After lunch, a quick pass through the picturesque Boljetin river canyon, followed by a visit to the Kapetan Mišin Breg art gallery and the nearby Kovilovo scenic view. Continuing towards Majdanpek, where we’ll have a tour of the copper mine, followed by a late afternoon demonstration of the gold panning traditional on Todor’s river near Debeli Lug village, performed by the legendary panner Nebojša Trailović. Before ending the day we’ll visit Rajko’s cave near Majdanpek, and then settle in the Golden Inn Hotel in Majdanpek for the night.

Eastern Serbia Tour – Day 2

Departure from Majdanpek around 8 AM. First we’ll visit the highest stone arch of eastern Serbia, Valja Prerast (40 m inner arch), and right after that continue to the Rudna Glava archeological site, where the curators of the science museum in Majdanpek will give us a tour and overview of the site. We continue towards the Ploče scenic point, where we’ll also visit the natural museum of the Đerdap national park. Following further along the Danube road, we’ll reach Tekija, where we’ll have lunch at the “Joca krofna” beach restaurant. Following lunch, we’ll take a longer, easy offroad route over the Miroč mountain, towards the Vratna gorge, spending about an hour in a hike to the two nearby stone arches. After visiting Vratna, we’ll drive to Rajačke pimnice ethno-village, where we’ll have dinner and wine degustation (Rajačke pimnice are famous for their wine), and we’ll have accomodation in the rustical stone houses of the ethno village.

Eastern Serbia Tour – Day 3

Upon departing from Rajačke pimnice, we’ll drive towards the west, and have a short, but picturesque offroad ascent to the Stol mountain plateau, reaching a small lake. If desired, a hiking trip to the Stol peak can be oragnized (about 1,5 hours of hike to the peak and back, around 300 m of climb). We drive further to the Bor mine, visiting the “underground cafe”, down a mine shaft at the depth of 500 m underground, with a short introduction to the mines. We continue further to the Bor lake, where we’ll have lunch in the Jezero hotel (alternatively, lunch is also possible in the Srpska kruna restaurant in Brestovačka spa). Second part of the day will take us to the wonders of the eastern part of Kučaj mountains – first a visit to the Samar stone arch, and afterwards a descent to the magnificent Lazar’s canyon, where we’ll visit two caves – Lazar’s cave (with a length of 12 km the longest cave in Serbia), and then Vernjikica. We’ll also visit two magnificent scenic points at the beginning of Lazar’s canyon. We’ll end the day by a 50 km scenic offroad drive through the heart of Kučaj mountains to Despotovac, and return to Belgrade at around 9 PM.

Eastern Serbia Tour – Price per person (min 4  persons – max 10 persons) – 400 Euros


Price includes

  • 3 days of 4×4 vehicle ( 2 vehicles if 7 pax up to 10 max) rental (+ 1 guiding support vehicle, which will also be available for passangers, max 2 pax)
  • Driver / guide
  • All fuel and highway toll costs
  • Hotel accomodation on HB basis for two nights
  • Lunch on route during all three days
  • Tickets for all museums, caves, reservations and mine entry fees
  • 300eur deposit per vehicle for renting ( in case of any serious demage) will be given back at the end of the tour


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