Tavern Trg

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Trg Republike 5 

Working hours:

22:00 - 03:30 h 




450 people


Kafana program

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Tavern Trg – The most popular Belgrade taverns

Tavern Trg  – Republic Square 5, City tavern Trg –  one of the most popular Belgrade taverns with a unique interior, excellent atmosphere, great selection of drinks and excellent performers who regularly boost the energy.

The taverns opens at 21:00 and keeps the fun running till 3 and 4am. It can receive up to 400 people – considering that it is very popular, especially on weekends, reservations are preferred.

Tavern Trg – The tavern is divided into two levels, meaning you will never feel like in a big hall, and you can choose whether you want your friends to be part of the crowded part of the tavern or enjoy quieter area.

Tavern Trg  is of very appealing interior design, with a large number of tables with traditional checkered tablecloths that dominate the center of the space and with a number of booths that are perfect for somewhat larger groups of guests. Central pieces of the tavern are bar – on one side and stage – on the other side, with performers heating up the atmosphere till it boils!

Sound system is excellent so it won’t matter where your place is, you will enjoy the music like you are standing next to the performers.

Great side about the Tavern TRG is that it in perfect location, you can come by car or by bus – which is awesome, so you can relax completely during your evening out.

Feel Belgrade has selected some of the best taverns to bring closer to you at least part of the Belgrade night life and Serbian culture. Book your night out by simply clicking or calling. Enjoy the charms of Belgrade nightlife.


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