Tavern Ona Moja

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Trg Republike 5 

Working hours:

22:00 - 03:30 h 




450 people


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Tavern Ona Moja

Tavern Ona Moja is one of the most popular taverns in Belgrade. We opened “ONA MOJA” in 2012 with the intention to achieve the impossible – a perfect blend of traditional spirit of Serbian kafana and good nightclub.

And we actually made it! Tavern “Ona Moja” is the favorite place of the modern bohemians. Right in the heart of Belgrade, in the Vojvode Supljikca 31a Street,  for three years is the gathering place for all of those who want to have a good time, celebrate milestones, and refuge for those who the sad ones.

Lively atmosphere with quality music of our bands, will keep you up on your feet, and our raspberry rakija heels even the painful wounds.

All lovers of bohemian life already know that when winter comes, we move from tavern “Ona Moja on water” into the most popular Belgrade tavern “Ona Moja”in Vojvode Supljikca 31a Street.

Tavern Ona Moja – Stands out from other city places for the very specific spirit that it fosters, the tradition of low prices and incredible fun and pleasure.

A very interesting musical repertoire, always quality music and incredible mood make “Ona Moja” one of the most popular places of this kind in Belgrade. Music is a mostly pop and folk music, but as the music adapts to the mood of the guests, preety much anything can be heard.

Tavern Ona moja – You can drink, dance or have inebriated philosophical conversations. One is certain, you will not go wrong in this tavern. Tavern Ona Moja capacity of 300 people, with checkered tablecloths, wooden furniture and carefully chosen lighting, you won’t want to leave.

Tavern Ona Moja is ideal whether you are celebrating curing sadness. It is said: “If used properly, tavern is the most beautiful place in the world”, and this is exactly what tavern “Ona Moja” wants to be – the most beautiful place in the world. Many say it already is.

Our doors are open from Monday to Saturday from 22 pm to 3 am. F or those who want to organize private events, we offer place with 150 seats and a team always willing to cooperate.

Feel Belgrade has selected some of the best taverns to bring closer to you at least part of the Belgrade night life and Serbian culture. Book your night out by simply clicking or calling. Enjoy the charms of Belgrade nightlife.


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