Supermarket Cafe

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Višnjićeva 8 

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09 - 23 




75 people


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Supermarket Cafe

Supermarket Cafe – Supermarket concept store is a creative space conceived as a place where fashion, design, music, publishing, art, clubbing and pub come combined. It includes a restaurant, a shop, beauty lounge, wine bar and Choco bar, spa, hair salon and flower shop. In addition, a special part of the space is a gallery, hosting various exhibitions, performances and concerts.

Supermarket, apart from the fact it has a retro name has excellent offer – from delicious food, to clothes and trinkets for gifts… Great place for evening glass of wine with friends. Supermarket is PET friendly.

Those who don’t’ have kids yet, don’t often think about the lack of content for kids and parents, everything kinda targets the older people. But, Supermarket, on Sundays organize creative workshops for children. From 10 am children can come to the Caffee and draw at a huge table, create collages, and variety of other things – all under the supervision of wonderful entertainers.

Café Supermarket – officially opened November 26, 2008 and became very popular in only four months of work, gained sympathy of both local and foreign guests.

It is on the corner of Strahinjica Bana and Visnjiceva Streets, and if you arrive at night, you will definitely immediately notice the exceptional lights of this object – due to a large number of interesting lights on the ceiling, winding like large, silver, space spaghetti.

Supermarket was conceived and designed by the “Remix creative studio”, led by Maja Vidakovic. Intentionally rough and seemingly unfinished, the interior of the supermarket represents the ascetic stage for the perfect consumer fetishes and different hedonistic activities that take place in it.

It consists of three parts, each one a story. Upon entering the building, looking from left to right, we see that the first part has a restaurant and a bar, the second part is with concept shops, a third one is spa. 50 seats (150 including terrace). Restaurant is created upon the image of New York restaurants; cuisine is Japanese, Thai and Mediterranean.

Caffée Supermarket – Feel Belgrade, Feel the difference!


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