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Church of Saint Mark Belgrade – Religious architecture in Belgrade

Church of Saint Mark Belgrade – Church of St. Mark is a Serbian Orthodox church in the Tasmajdan Park, near the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

The church, dedicated to Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark, was built between the two world wars, beginning in 1931, and completed in 1940. The original church was in a graveyard and its benefactor was a merchant Lazar Panca.

Here are buried Mlan Obrenovic (the eldest son of Milos Obrenovic) and the couple King Alexander I Obrenovic and his wife, queen Draga. On the place where the church stands today in 1830 was read the sultans’ edict which announced Serbian autonomy within Turkey.

During the German bombing of Belgrade, April 13 th 1941, the old building was damaged, so in 1942 the remainings of the church were removed.

Because of the rapid growth of the city and the increase in the number of residents, it became necessary by the beginning of the twentieth century to build a bigger church in the Belgrade quarter of Palilula.

In 1930 brothers Petar and Branko Krstic (professors at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade) completed the design for project of a new church building. The construction was postponed due to WW 2. After war, November 14th 1948 the Church was consecrated (by Patriarch Gavrilo Dožić) and the church opened for divine service.

Church of Saint Mark Belgrade was build upon model of the church Gracanica, endowment of King Milutin, and shows some elements of Serbian-Byzantine architecture.  It is 62 m long, 45 m wide and the height of the main dome is 60 meters. Church of St. Mark’s can receive over 2000 belevers.

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