Shake’n’Shake river club Belgrade

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Savski kej bb 

Working hours:

10:00h - 05:00h 


Pop / Rock / Disco / R'n'B 


800 people


River club program

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Shake’n’Shake river club Belgrade – Discover the best club on the river

Shake’n’Shake river club Belgrade – Belgrade residents LOVE Belgrade, other towns of Serbia love Belgrade, European and international tourists love Belgrade, because Belgrade is a city with more wonders than all the countries in the world combined.

Belgrade wonders lie in the people and the Belgrade rivers, and the only among the wonders of our city, to which people come to change the concept of their life, is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, New Belgrade side – and it is Shake’n’Shake.

Shake’n’Shake river club Belgrade – And it’s not by chance that we have conceived and prepared this idea so long and so carefully and even it stands near to the endless Belgrade river clubs, the Shake’n’Shake represents the first official wave of so-called new age clubbing.

Shake’n’Shake river club Belgrade – For all of you who want to experience the global trends and to experience the modern way of life and satisfy hedonistic needs in a completely different way, our concept allows it in an all-day treatment.

Daily bar in Oriental style, visually resembles the distant destinations from tourist brochures, right on the river, meets different desires. We devoted special attention to organizing our daily themed parties, dedicated to world capitals, while giving you the opportunity to live your personal summer dreams.

Our Super Shake Team is trained to organize every bit of your ideas and to do it quickly – in broad daylight we throw events that take us all on long journeys. Clubbing of the new era is no longer the same. Desires and appetites grow all around the world, and the new concept proved to be a trendsetter who won global imagination.

In addition to daily parties, paradise on the water can quickly be transformed into a quiet place for book-reading, office in nature or an intimate place just for two.

Shake’n’Shake river club Belgrade – In Shake you can enjoy a drink with friends, and initiate the change of your habits and enrich your life. Lovers of the most incredible cocktails, are in for a big surprise, and those looking forward to the night on the river, will be swearing the next day that, instead in Belgrade, they spent the night in Ibiza.

Incredible power of visual transformations, cocktail energy and special food pleasures are exactly what will make you change your mind about clubbing in Belgrade forever – River club Shake’n’Shake

Order your daylight party, design your own concept in our place, please call us and tell us how you want to spend the day and be a part of Belgrade nights that people are talking about.

Simply shake up your life!

Feel Belgrade – Feel the difference!


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