Restaurant Cantina de Frida Belgrade

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Restaurant Cantina de Frida Belgrade – one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade

Restaurant Cantina de Frida Belgrade / The best Belgrade restaurants / most famous restaurants in Belgrade – Few people possessed such a zest for life as the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. She greeted each day with love and passion. She inspired the people around her to observe life from different perspectives.

Frida’s passion for life was the inspiration for the bar and restaurant Cantina de Frida. This is a place where friends meet together to sing, dance and share the feast in honor of Life.

Restaurant Cantina de Frida Belgrade satisfies the most refined wishes of lovers of quality food and pleasant atmosphere. We manage to host a variety of clients from all over the world by having wide range of offers.

The menu and the interior of the restaurant revive the Argentine-Spanish cuisine adding the flavors of passion, love and energy. Top chefs, careful selection of food, small culinary secrets and excellent service combined, make Frida is valued and popular.

Menu of Cantina de Frida offers plethora of various colorful and tasty dishes from the region of Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean; served in small plates (tapas), as well as the large plates, with extended portions perfect for sharing with friends. All dishes are made with same idea: it is important to enjoy every bite of the best food, while drinking exciting beverages.

In Restaurant Cantina de Frida Belgrade  visitors usually enjoy their time with grilled spicy Spanish sausage “Frida Chorizo ​​de la casa”, grilled aged beef steak “T-bone asado” and “BBQ for friends” – a pan with beef kebabs, chops, kebab, Spanish sausage, crispy potatoes and spicy salsa.

 If you have not tried “Diego pancakes,” you weren’t in Belgrade for real, you haven’t felt the poetry of taste and absolute pleasure of food, haven’t truly enjoyed the sweet … At Frida, many secrets are kept, and the most sought after is the “Dark secret” – chocolate dance in the rhythm of passion and energy interwoven with love and smiles – we smile as we call it, and you will while enjoying it.



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