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Events in Belgrade – Concert Zdravko Čolić

Events in Belgrade / Concert Zdravko Čolić Belgrade events – A pop legend and one of the most popular singers in the region, Zdravko Colic, performed for crowded Kombank Arena and gave his fans a concert to remember. He opened the […]


Concert of Sergej Ćetković – Belgrade events

Concert of Sergej Ćetković – Belgrade events – Events in Belgrade – Belgrade Apartments – Events in Belgrade – Concert of Sergej Cetkovic Concert of Sergej Ćetković – Belgrade events – Last night, November 28, Sergej Cetkovic, held his […]


Placido Domingo concert in Belgrade

Placido Domingo concert in Belgrade – Placido Domingo will perform for the second time in Belgrade after more than 25 years – making this his first performance in the Kombank Arena. One of the most famous tenors (formerly performed with […]