Night of Museums 2015 Belgrade

Night of Museums 2015 Belgrade

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Night of Museums 2015 Belgrade – Belgrade News– Night of Museums 2015 announces that this year’s event will be held all around Serbia on Saturday, May 16th! The most visited cultural event, that promotes museums and cultural heritage in an amusing way is being held for the 12th time. It is also a part of the European Night of Museums since 2006.

Thematically, the 12th Night of Museums will go in two directions. One will promote and celebrate important anniversaries while the second is devoted to the education of the youngest – children’s Museum Night.

Night of Museums 2015 Belgrade – Belgrade News – 12th Night of Museums 2015 will draw attention to the War from the eyes of civilians, to the struggle against the war but also to the art and creativity of those who remained at home, survived, gave birth and died, got married, worked and educated children, looked after the elderly, wrote letters to soldiers on the front lines, and of those who have spoken out against the horrors of destruction and fought with their art.

So, during the Night of museums will be emphasized that in 1945 the Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric has published three of his capital works, which were written during the occupation. Also, important emphasis will be on Serbian Impressionism generated during the First World War, as well as on other forms of creativity in the war times that today mark the history of art.

Due to the great response and great interest of the youngest visitors during the previous events, the 12th Night of Museums in 2015 will be devoted to the them – a special “Children’s Tour” is designed. The tour comes as a result of the initiative to establish a larger number of children’s museums, to work with children at the museum institutions and to create a culture of going to museums with the youngest population, which is a model taken from European capitals and major museums.

“Night of Museums” is an artistic-production group, which brings together artists, art historians, sociologists of culture and all of those who are in any way involved in culture, and was created with the aim to promote universal cultural and artistic value through creative initiatives.

Night of Museums 2015 Belgrade – The main activity of this artistic-production group is the establishment, organization and realization of the “Night of Museums”. Additionally, they are involved in other activities whose common goal is a long-term increase in attendance of museums, as well as networking and cooperation with similar institutions, both on a national level and abroad. This group – “Night of Museums” gathers together people with common interests, through a variety of projects and similar events.


Belgrade at night – Night of Museums 2015 in Belgrade – Belgrade News – Night of Museums 2015 Belgrade