Events in Belgrade – The night of Commercials

Events in Belgrade – The night of Commercials

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Events in Belgrade The night of Commercials  – comes to Belgrade straight from Paris on December 20th. On the occasion the Jubilee, which celebrates this event, the advertisements are brought by the author Jean Marie Boursicot, who was in Belgrade in 1996 at the first Night of the Ad Eaters in our country. About this year’s program Mr. Jean-Marie says: “During this new Night of the Ad you will see some beautiful advertisements. Some of them will touch the soul, others are exotic, some can be considered corny, but are usually very funny. “

The visitors will enjoy the latest, most creative and the most interesting advertisements – program of which is once again signed by the tireless Jean Marie Boursicot, owner of the largest in cinematheque in the world “JMB”, which holds more than half a million commercials.

Events in Belgrade – Slogan of this year’s “Night of Ad Eaters” is: “Belgrade, city of creativity and great ideas!”

As a support to the national creativity, traditionally, the audience votes the most popular Serbian advertisement – Top 10. You can vote on the official website This year the event in Belgrade supports a large number of domestic and foreign brands, which is understandable given that it is a presentation of the best commercials of 2014.

Top 10 national finalists are:

  1. Najlepše želje – Najlepši znak pažnje
  2. Donkafa – Imaš šta da podeliš
  3. Telekom Srbija – Internet svuda
  4. DIS – Crni Gruja i Zmago u DIS-u
  5. Chipsy – Domaćinski duel
  6. OTP Banka – Otvoreni keš kredit
  7. Air Serbia – Nova krila Evrope
  8. Guarana – No sleep challenge box
  9. Idea – Beograd grad novih IDEA
  10. Grand Aroma – Osvaja

Voting is ongoing and you can vote via web site

Tickets: 700 dinars

Selling dates: 09/12/ to 20/12/ – 700 dinars

Feel the difference…

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