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Concerts in Belgrade / Concert Viva Vox / Events in Belgrade / Events in Belgrade Viva Vox  – This year on May 9, on their 10th birthday, the group “Viva Vox” will hold its first independent concert in the Belgrade Arena. Tickets will be available for purchase from Wednesday, January 21 at all Eventim selling places, at the Kombank Arena and the Square of Republic. The first 500 tickets for the fan pit will be sold at a discounted price of 1,000 dinars, while regular price tickets will be 1200, 1700, 2100 to 2500 dinars.

The Choir “Viva Vox” from Belgrade, exists from May 9 2005 and is led by Jasmina Lorin. Shortly after their establishment they introduced rhythmic support beatboxing, vocal technique to imitate the sounds of drums and percussion into their performances and turns to performing of popular music exclusively a-cappella.

Concerts in Belgrade – This combination makes them unique in our country. They got well known to the public as the choir that opens a very popular TV show. In today’s electronic era when all art, including music, passed through a digital filter or is entirely artificially synthesized, they appeared as a defiant little wave that resists mainstream. This musical resistance movement celebrates the roots from which all music has grown – the human voice.
Concerts in Belgrade / Events in Belgrade – The “Live voice” or “Long live the voice!” Is the message that the Belgrade band “Viva Vox” is sending to us. The group is, in fact, about choral music! This choir from Zemun left the safety of Mokranjac compositions (although they never forgot them) and engaged in a dynamic world of pop-rock music, which is processed without any instrumental accompaniment, only voices imitating guitars, keyboards, trumpets…

Concerts in Belgrade / Events in Belgrade Concert “Viva Vox” – This Choir gained greater popularity, at home and abroad, in July 2011, when video of their performance of the song “Du hast” by the German band Rammstein became a viral hit on YouTube. This was followed by a concert at Belgrade’s Sava Centre on December 1, 2011, for which the tickets were sold out two weeks in advance. This concert was the first time they performed a mix of songs of British band “The Prodigy” which, by popularity, surpassed their cover version of “Du Hast”.

Only a year later, in early December 2012, “Viva Vox” held three, completely sold out concerts in Sava Center. However, their energy was the most visible when they performed at the large local rock festival Belgrade Beer Fest 2012 and EXIT 2013, both of which events the Choir officially opened. The rest of the world got a chance to hear them live on tour in China, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belarus and many other countries. Events in Belgrade – Concerts in Belgrade!

The highlight of the “Viva Vox” career so far is a concert in the hall of the United Nations General Assembly on the occasion of celebration of the Serbian New Year on January 14, 2013. On that occasion the Choir have taken a responsible role of cultural ambassador of our country in front of the entire world. As the only musical group from Serbia that has ever performed in this hall, “Viva Vox” joined the list of selected world class musicians who were given this great honor.

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