Bicycle event Granfondo

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On Sunday, October 1 at 11.00, for the first time, Belgrade will host the bicycle manifestation Skyline Grandfondo, which is a combination of group driving, race and bicycle tours.

More than 500 participants from different parts of the world will gather.

The Skyline Grandfondo event includes Mediofondo and Grandfondo routes, lengths of 75 and 126 kilometers, as well as the Race of Satisfaction, intended for all cycling enthusiasts.

What is Grandfondo?

Granfondo is an Italian expression that could translate as “Great Driving”. Granfondo is a bicycle event with an enormous number of participants, which in the past 50 years has experienced incredible popularity in Europe and has spread around the world.

Hundreds of cyclists, ranging from recreation to the experts, are encouraged and motivated to participate in this event for the sake of socializing, picturesque landscapes, personal achievements and the opportunity to win numerous awards in various categories.

Imagine Granfondo as a combination of group driving, racing and biking tours in one single event. The assistance of mechanics, ambulance, food and refreshment before, during and after the race are available to every participant. Imagine this ride like some sort of party on wheels! Moreover, the event, called Granfondo, includes: challenging tracks, electronic timing, fantastic gifts, bicycle equipment fair, well-equipped booster stations, mobile roadside assistance and after-party entertainment.

Granfondo drivers are always updating their own records, challenging their “friends” and club comrades, testing themselves to the limit, and many riding to win!

Applications for Grandfondo

GranFondo races are “tailored” for everyone. Whether you are an experienced driver who wants to move his borders or a newcomer in the world of cycling that follows his pace, Granfondo always gives everyone a path to the right and the right driving company!

Registration is possible until September 29th and the price is 30 EUR. While the “last minute” application, September 30 and October 1, 40 EUR. An ID card, insurance and report from a medical examination is required.