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Gardos tower – The symbol of Zemun

Gardos tower  – The symbol of Zemun and one of the most popular Belgrade landmarks is the tower in Gardos. It was built by the Hungarian rulers of that time, to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of statehood. Monumental buildings sprouted in every part of the then monarchy, and the tower, which is located in the village of BelgradeGardos, was the most southern one.

One of the four observation towers of Austro – Hungarian empire is a millennium monument on Gardos or the Tower “Sibinjanin Janka”; one more piece of the rich cultural and historical heritage of our city.

The tower was projected by the Hungarian architects, combination of bricks and stone, with mixture of styles – romanticism prevailing.  At the highest point of the municipality of Zemun stands this beautiful building, which can be visited and where you can experience a view similar to the one from Kalemegdan plateau.

It charms with its interesting constructing style and beauty of architecture and elements of that age. It is 36 meters tall. Construction of the Gardos tower was finished in the August 5, 1896 – the grand opening was two weeks later, when were held ceremonial liturgies in churches around Zemun.

This site is a piece of the old Zemun called by journalists the “New Skadarlija”. Our sincerest recommendation for you is to make time and visit it. Through history it was a symbol of power, a watchpoint, equally as sumblime even today in sevice of tourism and culture.

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